Building Information Modeling

Do you need Concept Plans, 2D and 3D Maps and Animations, or Construction Documents? We can create them for you!

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2D Modeling

2D Modeling

3D Modeling

3D Birds Eye View

Master Plans

Master Plan

Construction Documents

 Construction Document

3D Video Animation

Design for Landscape and Buildings

Building a garden, home, office, or development? We have the expertise and tools to take your project from an idea to a beautiful final product.


With HGC as your landscape designer, we can reduce waste, conserve water and energy, and decrease runoff and pollution. Let us work with you to design landscapes that will minimize site disturbances while maintaining soil integrity, hydrological function and plant and animal diversity, and contribute to human wellness.



We can make your next building design sustainable which will reduce operation costs and carbon footprints as well as increase building resiliency.
Our designs reduce negative impacts on the environment, and the health and comfort of building occupants, thereby improving building and landscaping performance.


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